The company Mediprogress, s.r.o. Piestany belongs to MEDIPROGRESS GROUP along with Chirana Progress, s.r.o. Piestany.

Though Mediprogress, s.r.o. Piestany was established more than 15 years аgo, it is considered to be a successor and an instant ongoing entity of the long-term medical equipment manufacturer in the former Czechoslovakia and Slovakia that was known in many countries all over the world under the brand name CHIRANA for more than 53 years. It can be said also because Mediprogress, s.r.o. Piestany took over the part of the production of Chirana Piestany that was once the biggest producer of the medical equipment in Slovakia. The result has been the establishment of a daughter company Chirana Progress, s.r.o. Piestany that is regarded to be one among the biggest manufacturers of the water-therapy equipment in Europe.

The successful activities are confirmed by set up and development of a subsidiary company on the market of Russian Federation Mediprogress, s.r.o. Piestany supplies the most of it product portfolio to. Last but not least Mediprogress, FR Moscow provides commercial and technical activities in Russia and offers full customer service to a wide range of clients.