Transport incubator TI - 401

Transport incubator TI - 401Thanks to its parameters and easy operation, the transport incubator is suitable for transport of the new-born babies, even at long distance. The unit provides stable temperature in the baby space, and it permits supply of oxygen from the bottles provided.

During transport the unit is supplied by a built-in energy source. If a long stay of the baby in the incubator is necessary, inlets for external energy sources, e.g. car batteries or the mains of 230 V, 50/60 Hz can be used. The internal battery is automatically charged when the unit is connected to the mains.

The key parameters of the unit are controlled by alarm curcuits which report any deviation from the adjusted limits with optical and acoustic signal.

The undercarriage is made of hard aluminium and can be supplied in two versions. The first version si designed for transportation in an ambulance, the second one for passages in health centres only (without height adjustment).

Technical specification

Power supply 230 V ± 10 %, ~ 50/60 Hz
Battery 2 x 12 V / 28 Ah
Power Input
  • mains
  • external supply
  • 380 VA
  • 195 VA
Temperature range control 28,0 - 38,0 °C, continuously
O2 concentration range 21 - 50 %
Max. internal noice level 60 dB
Dimenbsions (H x W x D) 640 x 890 x 540 mm
Weight 58 kg

Alarm signals

  • power failure
  • high / low air temperature
  • fan failure
  • sensor failure
  • overheating
  • heating disconnection
  • voltage drop