Birting bath BENSBERG with door

Birting bath BENSBERG

Ergonomic design specially adapted to sooth the pain of contractions, relax the mother and make the birth easier without risk for the mother or the baby. This idea allows the mother to chose to sit, squat or lie on her back, and the water level can be adapted in consequence. The Bensberg bathtub respects the philosophy of passing gently from the watery surroundings in the foetus to the discovery of a new world. 

The door is designed in order to ease entry and exit. The bath can be filled up to the seat with the door open. The patient can then enter the bath partially filled with water. The mother is then already lying in hot water. The door is then closed for the final filling of the bath.

The door also allows rapid evacuation in case of emergency (drainage time to open the door : 1 minute).

Technical specification

Dimensions (L x W x H) 1820 x 1440 x 750 mm
Length for bath with open door 2450 mm
Power supply 230 V
Power input 1000 W - 16 A